There is no doubt to the fact that backlinks remain one of Google’s top most ranking factors, and there are multiple best strategy for generating backlinks. Links from one website to other ones are considered as votes of confidence, trust, and credibility. This increased authority means better rankings of your business on SERPs, thus making it site more visible.

But businesses must remember that all links are considered by Google and wrong links might harm your business as well rather than improving your ranking. Thus it is important to deploy the best strategy for generating backlinks that help businesses enjoy better visibil

What are backlinks?

A backlink is being explained as a link coming from another website to yours. Mostly this link is placed in a text, on an image, or can be used as a button, as long as the source is some other portal, all of these connections counts as backlinks. From an SEO perspective, backlinks are very important as they are one of the most encouraging ranking factors for every major search engine out there.

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Are Backlinks important?

Backlinks are important from an SEO point of view as they are the foundation of Google’s original PageRank algorithm. For small businesses or startups, it’s become difficult to boost their SEO performance, but using the best techniques for generating backlinks can consistently help you earn high-quality backlinksies

7 best strategy for generating backlinks

Resource Link Building

Many times while thinking about different link building strategy, we look for the difficult tactics and forget the easiest parts. But surprising one of the easiest methods to generate links is by resource link building. First of all businesses need to look to identify how you can offer something valuable to your audience and then make an amazing resource pages to generate backlinks from relevant authorities.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building means looking for the correct and more relevant informative web pages with external links to dead pages. If there are broken links mentioning 404 pages then you can use the opportunity to present an alternative piece of content that is updated and much better than the existing one.

Businesses can use a new page link on the broken page and can use a similar piece of information, which initially was posted on the website.

Unlinked Brand Mentions

From getting a brand mentioned in newspapers and radio stations to customer reviews, businesses don’t know all resources where they have been mentioned. Ideally businesses should mentions about them as well by linking out to your website, but many times it don’t happen. This is being known as unlinked brand mentions and there are different techniques to find unlinked brand mentions and use the same for your benefit.

You can use different tools to track down all the mentions of your brand, and uses those to link your website.

Update Old Content

If there is an article or a research report which has not been updated since long, you can check how many backlinks the piece has. In case there are many publications referencing that content, then you are a lucky person. Businesses can move ahead and create a better, and more updated content with relevant data.

Once the content is live, you can talk to bloggers or journalists who were linked to the old content and let them get informed about the latest and more updated version.

Business Association Links

In case you are a member of business association then you can grab the existing opportunity to generate more links to your site. This is the best strategy for generating backlinks is quite similar to supplier links but don’t rely on you stocking a manufacturer’s products or them having a page on their site.

In this strategy, you can compile a list of all of the associations that you are a member of and create a list of their websites. The same piece of information can be used for generating link.

Listicle Link Building

Listicles is an important part of your link building strategy and when you want to get more links to your site, the easiest way is to use listicles to get showcase your offerings amongst your audience while also earning links that do so much more than just increase your search rankings.

Even the businesses can refer to Google search operators for identifying listicles in their industry that round up your competitors and check what all have been included by your competitors.

Link Gap Analysis

It is quite a popular ways to enjoy more link building strategies, businesses can do a link gap analysis and look at the relevant websites that link to their competitors but do not link to them. If a particular website is being linked to more than one competitors, then you can use the opportunity to link it to your website as well.

Though there are many other best strategies for generating backlinks that help get backlinks to your website, it is important to choose the right tactic by considering link building technithat you have worked upon in the past. By using a perfect combination of solid link-building strategies, one can easily get a competitive advantage.

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