social media funnel in 2021

How to build a profitable social media funnel in 2021?

Social media marketing funnels have proved to be more Profitable social media funnel as it can engage your audience, build their trust, and create a real base of fans that remain stick to you for the longer period of time. Incorporating the right steps and wisely choosing all stages of social media funnel help your brand to grow and succeed in the future.

strategy for generating backlinks

7 best strategy for generating backlinks in 2021

There is no doubt to the fact that backlinks remain one of Google’s top most ranking factors, and there are multiple best strategy for generating backlinks. Links from one website to other ones are considered as votes of confidence, trust, and credibility.

Digital online marketing scope

The Psychology of Advertising

Psychology of Advertising has changed, it’s time to invest in online mediums of advertising rather than staying connected to traditional ways. To enhance your online visibility, it becomes crucial to refer to different and friendly search engine optimization (SEO) ways to stay at the topmost position.



Google updates in the retail sector

Google updates in the retail sector

In the retail sector, Google Ads business is one of powerful tool to get more traffic, advertise your products, and get more revenue. Honestly ignoring Google Ads, the most popular online advertising platform in the world, means missing out on many customers.

google robots txt updates image

Google robots updates in 2021

Googlebot crawls web pages through different via links and finds and reads new and updated content. Google uses different senders to look at the pages and what’s posted over here. If not done systematically it might impact your business’ search engine. The bot is called Googlebot by the company.

Google Business updates image

Complete Guide to Google My Business Updates in 2021

Google keeps on surprising its customers with new and more unique features. Your Google My Business is shown in Google Maps and also in the local results of Google Search. Keep following the latest features as they are great resources helping businesses improve the ranking of your search engine listing.

SEO Marketing Services Statics

Search engine marketing industry statistics in 2021

Social Media has become an important part of the online marketing strategy and is being used by companies to establish a personalized relationship with customers and prospects. Social media platforms have an invaluable ability to target audiences that otherwise is difficult to reach. To know how to leverage and use the available technology, it’s better to appoint a Social media marketing agency.

How to plan SEO content that actually ranks

Businesses can get more organic SEO by investing in quality content. Organic SEO means getting a good rank on the search engines without spending a huge amount on search engines. Businesses looking to reach more people must invest in SEO content that actually ranks and helps showcase your company’s offerings.



Microsoft bing search updates in 2021

With more than a billion visitors each month, Microsoft Bing is a popular search engine, though not that much popular as the world’s biggest search engine, Google, still it has gained an impressive and powerful platform. In case you are running an ad campaign to get more organic traffic then ignoring Bing and all the possibilities it offers can be a big mistake.


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What is SEO and how it's work

SEO is the process of maximizing businesses’ online presence and making it easier for customers to look for a particular business on different search engines. The main difference between SEO and paid kind of marketing is that the former includes “organic” ranking, meaning you don’t have to pay for the space.

What is digital-marketing?

Business over the past many years have witnessed tremendous changes and the way customers are approached has been revamped. It is important to use the best Digital marketing services that help improve your business. The more you make your brand accessible, the more customers you will be able to have.

Digital Marketing Insights, and Updates from August 1, 2021

If you are the only player in your market promoting your company through traditional marketing methods, then you need to reconsider it. Digital marketing has the power to help your business outrank bigger players in your industry. Following the Digital Marketing Insights helps businesses get more business.

8 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

If you have designed a great WordPress site and spent much time on writing the content, it’s time to start getting organic website traffic, do search engine optimization, which is important to gain visibility. SEO is a continuous process, and WordPress has many resources to make it easy.

Insight of display ads - Guide for Digital Marketer

Display ads are being explained as the image/ video ads shown to audiences when they browse different websites, apps, social media, and more recently, connected TV devices. Broadly speaking display ads are digital ad formats outside of paid search and audio-only ads.

What is the difference between ATL, BTL and TTL Advertising?

ATL and BTL MARKETING are two of the most encouraging approaches for marketers to undertake promotional operations. Marketers may target a certain portion of the population or advertise the goods to the entire market.ATL and BTL marketing are classified into two groups.

How to write ads copies that actually converts sales

Businesses use Facebook ads to target their audience and get an edge against their competitors. The success of the overall Facebook ad campaign is completely dependent on the copy you write. Businesses creating dynamic ad copy can get more business from social media sites such as Facebook.

Microsoft Ads update in 2021

Recently, Microsoft Ads has released many new and more attractive updates to enhance the performance of paid search efforts.

We have tried to cover all the latest Microsoft ads updates and the launch of Automotive Ads, static headlines for Display Search Ads, and Enhanced CPC and how it can help companies.

7 great ways to monetize a blog that generates 1k visitors a day

Starting and monetizing a blog has become quite an easy task, one can start, maintain, and monetize a blog on WordPress by spending just a few hundred dollars. If you plan to make significant money from your site/blog, then you must be looking for the answer. How to monetize a blog? It’s one of the most common question.

Difference between digital and content marketing

Content marketing and digital marketing are two different phrases that all marketers have heard in the online business. We have presented a detailed overview of both these kinds of marketing to help people understand which is the right strategy for your brand or business. The key difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is called ‘content marketing’.

Best digital marketing tips for small businesses

Being a small business owner, taking advantage of digital marketing is the best way to get success without paying a higher price for the same. The barriers of entry into the marketplace get minimized with digital marketing as compared to traditional forms of marketing. Today, we are discussing some of the most effective tips related to digital marketing for small businesses.

Importance of podcast marketing and future

Businesses that want to connect with customers on a more personal level use podcasts as the most effective marketing tool. Podcasts are quite a popular key tool in the digital marketing strategies among companies aimed at offering a personalized experience to their customers.