Just take out some time and understand how the present market is doing business. If you are the only player in your market promoting your company through traditional marketing methods, then you need to reconsider it. Not referring to the latest and more innovative marketing ways lets you miss an excellent opportunity to reach valuable leads through digital marketing.

Digital marketing has the power to help your business outrank bigger players in your industry. The role of digital marketing is clear and straightforward, it helps businesses spend their marketing budget more effectively aiming to generate more valuable leads. Following the Digital Marketing Insights helps businesses get more business.

But before we talk about Digital Marketing Insights and how Digital Marketing helps get more revenues, we must look at some of the top Digital Marketing Statistics 2021 that help restructure your entire marketing budget.

  • More than 90% online interactions start with a search engine.
  • More than 50% of internet users use social media each day and spend much time looking at the branded content.
  • Google gets more thousands of searches every single second.
  • 72% of online marketers consider high-quality content creation as one of the most encouraging SEO tactics.
  • There are more than 3 billion social media users each day.
  • On average, 142 minutes are spent on different social media platforms each day.

What is the role of digital marketing?

Digital marketing plays an important role in getting more traffic, leads, and sales for your business, referring to digital marketing ways can help reach out to more people looking for your products and services. In this digitized world, online marketing plays an important role in making your business grow. Considering the fact that more than 4.3 billion people are on the web and more than half of them prefer online shopping, businesses can explore different opportunities to reach people interested in your offerings.

Digital Marketing Insights and Updates

Google Launches Free Deals Listings in Search Results

Like we always do, this time as well le start with Google. This month Google has introduced a new feature allowing online retailers to reach customers in a much more attractive way especially the ones looking for great deals and offers. Google reported a 50% surge in online searches with “discount codes” keywords over the last few months clearly indicating that customers look for special discounts. Also, Google is also set to introduce a new feature allowing e-commerce sites to sort a new way to show off amazing deals in search results:

Google Verified Listings for Local SEO

For local businesses like plumbing company, tutoring company, etc. Google My Business listing offers valuable information and assist businesses in establishing your geographical location. Having a geographically-defined service area with Google My Business listing help local businesses in showing up for “near me” searches and inform customers about their business on Google Search results.

Businesses can easily share the information that helps customers know about their offerings. Verified businesses have better credibility and earn a more respected place in the society.

Google partners with WooCommerce to make Product Uploading easy

WooCommerce has also launched an extension allowing sellers to upload their products to Google without any cost. Through this trend, online retailers will get the opportunity to become more accessible among shoppers through Search, Shopping, Images, and YouTube. By integrating a WooCommerce store with Google Merchant Center, all products and information related to the same will be shown on a single platform.

Using this tool will be useful for the businesses to list products in the Google Shopping tab without any charge. Moreover retailers will also get an option to pay for ads in case they want better visibility. With this new Google extensions, sellers will get a total control of their products listing, performance and analytics without worrying about leaving the dashboard.

Google Launches Free Tools for Travel Marketers

Searches like “where to travel”, “can I travel” and “covid-related guidelines” are at its peak for some time now. Travel Insights with Google has been launched aiming to help travelers get instant answer to all of their queries. This feature is an effort to answer the travel industry needs and assist businesses with free tools that help them enhance their marketing efforts and overall service.

These Digital Marketing Insights include:

  • Destination Insights: it helps in getting information related to top demands per destination.
  • Hotel Insights: It helps know the latest search trends and identifies the destination of users.
  • Focusing Facts: The information obtained is used to know the latest traveling trends like “fastest-growing destinations globally” etc.

Google collaborates with GoDaddy

Google recently has entered into a new partnership with GoDaddy aiming to assist e-commerce sites get much better online visibility. Google’s aim is to help businesses enjoy better online visibility and deal better with shoppers by making e-commerce more open online.

Pinterest adds Feature for Users to Make Money with Affiliate Links

Pinterest also wants to help all content creators in earning money through the platform by getting some commissions with affiliate links. When a user tags a product on a pin idea and another user clicks on the link, the person who posted the same gets a commission.

By just tagging products on their idea pins, Pinterest creators are able to control the shoppability of their content, and the feature help content creators in earning commission.

There are so many Digital Marketing Insights that are beneficial for businesses. By following accurate digital marketing insights, businesses can improve their online visibility, SEO rank, and much more.

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