How to build a profitable social media funnel in 2021?

How to build a profitable social media funnel in 2021?

There are numerous stages of social media marketing funnel that might help make your brand more popular but it is important to choose the right strategy that encourages creating content, building a social media marketing calendar and create amazing creative campaigns that help keep your audience engaged. 

There are numerous stages of social media marketing funnel but when it’s about establishing a customer relationship, choosing the best strategy is important.

What social media marketing funnel is all about?

A marketing funnel is considered as a path from which your customers travel through. From the starting stages when your brand is new to the purchasing stage, marketing funnels map routes to get more leads. Profitable social media marketing funnel helps businesses understand the consumer’s behavior at every stage till the time deals get closed.

Different businesses and marketing experts look for different opinions on the stages of social media marketing that ultimately helps improved

How to create Profitable social media funnel?

The conversion funnel includes deploying any kind of marketing tactics that help engage more users at each stage and engage them to make purchases. The most common and popular stages of social media funnel framework that applies to all businesses include:

Awareness – This social media marketing funnel starts with attracting potential customers and making them aware about your offerings. Here businesses try to attract more people who at present are not aware of your brand. 

If your budget allows, referring to paid advertising to enhance the brand’s awareness is also an ideal option. Businesses can target a specific group of audiences and can present their brand in front of them.

Consideration – Once your marketing funnel starts working by attracting more customers, the next step is to provide the relevant information your tentative customers look at while purchasing your product or service. 

Here you need to research and include those pieces of information that make your offerings better than your competitors. Standing out among your competition so that your offerings look more valuable.

Action – During these stages of social media marketing funnel, you can encourage your audience to make a decision and purchase. If your customers are satisfied till this level, then you refer to the data from analytics to understand how your audience reacted in the previous phases. 

During the action stage, businesses can also refer to remarketing paid campaigns aiming to target more users who have shown interest by engaging with previous parts of your funnel.

Engagement – During this stage, businesses can use different social media strategies to keep their engaged even after they have purchased. Don’t forget your audience at all, once the sales deal is completed. 

Many brands make a mistake and don’t focus much on this part of the funnel, which otherwise is very important. Many companies use different hashtags to encourage their present customers to post photos of their products.

Advocacy – In this stage, businesses must focus more on establishing trust with their audience so that they can recommend your brand to others as well. Till now the purchase deals are closed and thus it’s the time to take the funnel one step further. Now convert your existing customers from fans into brand advocates. 

As a part of profitable social media funnel, businesses can show gratitude to their customers and reward them for spreading good word about their company.

Social media marketing funnels have proved to be more Profitable social media funnel as it can engage your audience, build their trust, and create a real base of fans that remain stick to you for a longer period of time. Incorporating the right steps and wisely choosing all stages of social media marketing funnel to help your brand to grow and succeed in the future.

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