In the past few months, Microsoft Ads has released many new and more attractive updates to enhance the performance of paid search efforts. Through this blog, we have tried to cover all the latest Microsoft ads updates and the launch of Automotive Ads, static headlines for Display Search Ads and Enhanced CPC, and how it can help companies.

Automotive ads

As an automotive business, it is important to understand the importance of paid search advertising. Using these tactics, businesses can drive more clicks to their which eventually will increase the ranking of their website and bring more revenues for their business.

To make the most of the increased online volume, it is important to highlight as much of your inventory as possible and for the same, Automotive Ads are beneficial.

What are automotive ads?

With the help of these automotive ads, allow businesses to upload and showcase all elements of your automotive inventory such as brand, model, year and images on Bing. When getting started with these ads, we it is important for the businesses to set similar bids to their text ad campaigns. This helps businesses in checking their performance and make adjustments accordingly.

Benefits of Automotive Ads

Enhanced volume: These ads help showcase your offerings amongst the shoppers who might close the deal soon.

Empowered customer experience: creative display photos, prices, descriptions, etc. are some of the ways to improve the quality of leads.

Helps save much time: These automotive ads help generate ads faster allowing you to maintain accurate inventory and price.

Get the competitive edge in your business: With emerging trends, the way of doing business is changing significantly. These kinds of ads capture unique queries of the customers and match them with the right content on your so that these ads can be shown to the relevant users.

High-performance ads: These ads have lower CPC, better click volume, and can easily capture the most important business opportunities.

Some other updates

Video ads now piloting on the Microsoft Audience Network

Advertisers look for different ways to get an edge in the highly competitive business world and captivate their target audience in new and more innovative ways. Post the introduction of video ads on the Microsoft Audience Network, businesses can easily get in touch with their potential customers and can actively post content on MSN and Microsoft News.

These video ads help improve awareness, get more attention, and generate more leads for your brand. Plus, Microsoft is the only platform providing access to Bing search intent data, as well as LinkedIn profile data on video assets. Now the advertisers can easily upload snackable video assets as short as 6 seconds or use the correct format for storytelling with 30 seconds to 2-minute-long videos so that they can reach to audiences more actively.

Vertical-based product ads in countries like the US/ UK

Along with video ads, Microsoft has also piloting vertical product ads on the Microsoft Audience Network, allowing advertisers to use the existing feed to create rich experiences for your target customer. By leveraging your dynamic data feeds, businesses can easily showcase their auto listings, entertainment events, hotels, vacation rentals, and much more similar activities in native environments.

So these kinds of display and native ads from Microsoft Advertising help businesses in getting access to premium quality. Microsoft keeps on surprising advertisers with the latest and new updates that help get target the correct audience and get more business.


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