With more than a billion visitors each month, Microsoft Bing is a popular search engine, though not that much popular as the world’s biggest search engine, Google, still it has gained an impressive and powerful platform. In case you are running an ad campaign to get more organic traffic then ignoring Bing and all the possibilities it offers can be a big mistake.

Why it’s essential to Run a Bing Ads Campaign?

Based on what you are selling and who are your targeted audience, Microsoft Bing can prove beneficial due to the optimistic Bing ads impact. Now more than 1 billion people use Windows 10. Since Microsoft is owned by Bing, they help in generating a lot of organic traffic to their search engine. Moreover, Microsoft after some time announce many updates to Microsoft Bing Search to make the overall searching experience more immersive. The updates announced by Bing goes across different search features which include recipe results, image searches, any service page, etc. with a purpose to generate more organic traffic.

Overall Infographic search panel experience

Microsoft created some amazing knowledge panel designs that look appealing. Microsoft’s aim is to offer both style and substance to its visitors with this new look.

Expandable search carousels

Microsoft also added different carousels where you will a carousel of answers showcasing the results’ high-level information to avoid crowding the page. If you want to learn more about a specific result, hover over it, and Microsoft Bing will then expand the result with more detailed information.  All this can help get more Organic traffic

With any upgrade or change to search, it will directly impact the organic traffic and how much traffic you are getting from a particular search engine for some queries. In case your website is ranked well and then a search engine changed how it shows those results, it might impact your traffic from the search engine to your site either positively or negatively.

Thus in order to get more organic data, it’s essential to use only the structured data where it makes sense to potentially increase the likelihood of showing up in these new visuals.

Though Microsoft might not be as big as Google, Bing is the world’s second-largest search engine, clearly indicating that it has a lot of potential for you to reach new audiences. So run your ad campaign on Microsoft Bing to get more organic traffic, Bing ads impact help get right-click through every ad.

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